#LifeBooksWriting: Week 3 (two weeks late)

So, I fell slack on this task and I’ve missed two of the LifeBooksWriting topics. Tonight, I will catch up. The third week’s topic was “6 Book Marketing Tips”.

#1-#6: I have no clue. I suck at marketing. Seriously. I’m a writer, not a salesperson. Of course, I want you to read my books, but I want you to read them because you chose to read them, not because I asked you to. With that said, if you don’t make your books appealing, no one will read them willingly and unsolicited. So, here is what I’ve learned in the 14 months I’ve been a published author.

#1: Make your cover attractive. Hire a professional designer if you don’t know how to create your own cover. Put whatever you want on the cover, but the design needs to be appealing enough for a potential reader to want to move on to read the synopsis of the book.

#2: Make your synopsis riveting. Sometimes writing the synopsis is the hardest part of publishing a book. If you don’t lure a potential reader in with the few sentences of the synopsis, they aren’t going to give the rest of your book a chance.

#3: Opt to provide a sample of the book on Amazon or whichever marketplace you sell your books. Giving readers a sneak peak can get them hooked to where they want to finish and buy the book to do so.

#4: Use social media. Not to push your book, but to make real connections with readers, bloggers and other authors. Those connections, if genuine, will eventually provide you with a good “word of mouth” network, which can sell your books faster than any other strategy.

#5: Write a great book. Seriously. Put your heart into it. Make it the best. And have someone (if not multiple someones) that know what they’re doing edit the shit out of it.

#6: Don’t be a dick. If readers try to reach out to you, be grateful. Be humble. In the end, the way you treat others, especially on the interwebs, will impact your business of being an author. Even if someone comes at you spewing negativity, the best ways to respond are either not at all or to kill them with kindness.

That’s all I’ve got. If you have questions, comment below, shoot me an email or find me on facebook (facebook/zeiajameson) and/or Twitter/Instagram (@ZeiaJameson).



#LifeBooksWriting: Week 2

This week’s topic for #LifeBooksWriting is my bookshelf or my current read. You want to know a quirky fact about me? I’m a book hoarder. A bona fide book nerd. Before the technological genius of Kindle and Audible was conceptualized, I made sure I always carried a purse big enough to stow and tow my current read.

Now, my reading mania has amplified. I always have a current read in physical copy, on my Kindle app (on my phone) and on my Audible app (also on my phone). Always. I generally finish what’s on my Kindle or Audible apps much quicker than any physical copy because frankly those are much more portable and my obsessive book toting days have waned.

In any event, here is what I am currently reading, what I’ve recently read – that I loved – and what I am really looking forward to reading:



Bucky F&%@ing Dent
by David Duchovny

If you’ve followed me on any form of social media you’ll know I’m passionate about a number of certain things. If you don’t follow me, let me brush you up on some of those things:

  • I love ALL THINGS Boston, to include the Red Sox. This book has a Red Sox theme.
  • It’s written by THE David Duchovny – the actor best known for X Files, Californication, Evolution – and he is basically all around fantastic. I’ll read anything he writes.
  • I love the F word. It’s my favorite word in the English language. It’s too versatile not to abuse. I use that word more than a typical sailor. Trust me, I’ve validated that statement. If that word is in the title, I’m reading the book (unless it’s some obscure dinosaur porn called I F***ed a dinosaur – not really into that kind of literature).

I picked up a hardback of this book while perusing Barnes & Noble a few days ago (which I don’t get to do as often as I’d like – but who does, right?). I’ve only read a few pages so far, but it has Duchovny’s wit smeared all over it.


The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan
by Kim Barker

You may be more familiar with this book as its movie title, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (starring Tina Fey). This book covers reporter Kim Barker’s experience during her time in the Middle East. I’m a quarter of the way in on Audible and it is captivating. As a side note, the woman who narrates this book, Kirsten Potter, also narrated a book I recently read (listened to) called Find Her. It’s a dark suspense thriller set in Boston (told you, I like Boston) that had a lot of twists. If you like Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), I think you’ll enjoy this too.


Find Her
by Lisa Gardner

Fighting Fate
by JB Salsbury

On my Kindle, I began reading Fighting Fate today. This is the 7th installment of JB’s Fighting series. Cage fighters and the women who love them. The overall theme of family and loyalty that these books instill is the main reason why I love these stories so much. The books are set in Vegas and there is a good amount of steam, mystery and suspense as well – in case you were wondering.


Here are some books that I’ve read on my Kindle this year, all of which I absolutely loved:

Second Chance Neighbors Series
by Josie Kerr

Do you like guys with beards and tats? Irish guys? Fighters? If you checked any of those boxes, you are going to love this series. Family, unity, loyalty play big roles in these stories. Some good suspense included as well.

Risking Ruin and Borrowing Time (Pig & Barley series)
by Mae Wood

Great reads from Mae Wood, set in Tennessee. Both books center around one couple who flirt with disaster to be together. Pig & Barley refers to a restaurant frequented by the characters, which offers great modern, Tennessee cuisine and the best craft beers – a.k.a, a restaurant that I wish existed in real life!

Here’s To series by Teagan Hunter

This is a great series about finding yourself and being happy regardless of your past. The characters in these books grab your attention from page one and pull at your heartstrings hard. There are some heavy ugly cry moments, for sure. But each tear is completely worth it.

The Rub Down and Our Time
by Gina Sheldon

The first book, The Rub Down, centers on the main character who is training to run the Boston Marathon a year after the bombings. Her trainer suggests working the kinks in her muscles at the hot elite spa called The Rub Down. Our Time continues the story but spotlights different characters. Once again, the story has a “family/loyalty” theme that I absolutely adored.

Change of Hart and Hart to Heart
by M.E. Carter

Sports-centric, which I’m always down for – especially football. These books were sweet and beautiful reads. However, I will warn you that they will make you cry. YOU. WILL. CRY.

All that Jazz by Natasha Boyd
Can’t You See by Dawn L. Chiletz

Natasha Boyd and Dawn L. Chiletz are two of my all time favorite authors.

This year, Boyd released All That Jazz, the third installment of the Eversea series. The setting for these books is low country Georgia and South Carolina, which I am quite fond of. I love her stories and characters and the details she includes regarding location make me long for the beach and the smell of the sea.

Dawn L. Chiletz threw me for a loop when she released this twisty suspense thriller, as her normal subject matter is heartfelt romance. This book is a head scratcher, in a good way. When you are done, you are going to want give it a second read immediately to make sure what just happened, actually just happened.


Dear Heart, I Hate You by J. Sterling
The Photographer Trilogy by Sarah Robinson

J. Sterling released a new book this week called Dear Heart, I Hate You. I fell in love with her writing a few years back when I read her Game Changer series (if you haven’t met Jack F-ing Carter, I suggest you read that series immediately). I’m looking forward to seeing what J brings us with this book.

While I patiently await the second book in Sarah Robinson’s Kavanagh Legends (Irish fighters) series to release, I want to dive into her Photography Trilogy, which I recently picked up on sale as a box set (currently $5.99 on Amazon – great deal).


Sooooo…that’s it. Well, that’s not really IT. The list of books that I’ve read in the past 6 months and the list of those on my TBR (to be read) are enormous. Massive. This is just the tip of the iceberg, you guys. If you are dying to know more, or want suggestions on what to read next, find me on Facebook (facebook.com/zeiajameson), Twitter or Instagram (@ZeiaJameson), or email at zeia.jameson@gmail.com.

What’s on your bookshelf?