#LifeBooksWriting: Week 4 (1 week late)

Catching up on my #LifeBooksWriting assignment, last week, I was supposed to discuss my character inspirations.

That’s a tough one. So far, none of my characters have been based on any particular person that I know. This is going to sound completely insane, but my characters introduce themselves to me. They speak to me and tell me about their personalities. They set up scenes themselves. They are all their own entities within my head – I just give them a bigger voice when I put them on paper.

Now, before you recommend me to a good shrink, I want everyone to know that I enjoy every single bit of the process. Just as I love reading books, and entering worlds with characters that other writers have created, I feel blessed that my characters speak to me and allow me to create worlds of my own that hopefully other readers can get lost in.

Have questions about specific characters? Post below or hit me up on social media.

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