I am participating in the Authors Blog Challenge. It’s an 8 month long weekly blog post discussing my writing and my life.

This week, the first week, is “My Writing Room”.

I have a pretty picture of my writing area, but I can’t find it. And I can’t take a current picture because the space is a hot mess. There are books, papers, and boxes everywhere.

My “writing room” isn’t a room on its own. It’s a window alcove that I have in my bedroom. It’s a small space, but cozy enough to create a good writing, and reading, atmosphere. One one wall, is my writing desk, with my laptop stationed at the ready. On the opposite wall is a large comfy chair, where I spend a good amount of time reading – especially when it is raining.

That is about all I have to say about that. I promise my future posts will be more interesting. I only found out about this adventure today, and I wanted to participate, so I whirled up these few paragraphs in between putting my little one to bed and scarfing down antibiotics in hopes to finally rid myself of the sinus infection I’ve been battling (nice visual, right?)

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Happy reading!!!



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